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It'd be kind of a massive fail to not include MK8, as I feel that game will spread the most word of mouth with it's recognizability, being a pick up n play game, and having multiplayer. I'm skeptical if the Wonderful 101 will show up as it's not something casuals or even many core gamers will recognize (honestly I've forgotten what it's all about), but perhaps that's why they'd put it out there. Naturally, I'd hope all the games listed in the poll and then some would be demo'ed, but of course that's not gonna happen. If I had to choose just 4 games to display, they'd be this:

3D Mario
Pikmin 3
SSB4, if not then Wonderful 101

Diverse range of genres, recognizable franchises, most games having multiplayer (Pikmin 3 should hopefully have it's multiplayer modes ready, preferably Co-Op since we have competitive multiplayer already), and most of them being easy to grasp the controls for.