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RolStoppable said:
pezus said:
Seriously, all this EA hate and trolling gets a free pass but when someone decides to chip in on the situation he gets banned because he is negative towards Nintendo?

Dodece got banned for his continuous attempts to stir up the pot. All he wanted is rile up Nintendo fans, so it didn't bother him to run contradictory points of view. At one point he says that Nintendo fans deserve what they get, because EA has seen next to no software sales on the Wii U. The next time he portrays the situation as some sort of death blow to the Wii U, because losing EA support is going to have a major impact on the future of the console. He has been doing this all week and some of his posts were quite spiteful, so his intentions were more than obvious to anyone who has read his posts. If anyone has any doubts, they are free to look up Dodece's recent posting history.

The EA hate and trolling gets a pass, because moderators don't treat third party publishers the same way as console manufacturers. Additionally, EA is a company that upsets fans of all gaming platforms on quite a regular basis, so we would see a lot of bans due to the many dismissive one-liners these threads usually cause. And if that happened, people would wonder why the moderators ban people for being angry at EA for their latest anti-consumer practices when that anger is usually justified as EA first screws over gamers and then pretends that they didn't screw over gamers, basically adding insult to injury.

Besides, would you take EA's side, if they decided to screw over a PlayStation platform or would you take the side of gamers? I think we both know that it would be the latter, if you had to make a pick. So don't call for moderations of other users just because they happen to be Nintendo fans. It won't do the forums any favor.

Rol's views reflect my decisionmaking on this in a nutshell.

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