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Kaizar said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Kaizar said:

I was going to say Pit, 8th Gen, but then I realize from looking at the OP that you are talking about the 7th Gen LOL.

So nevermind.

I honestly think the 7th Gen Software library was the worse outside of a small batch of games. But to each their own.

I say the 6th gen beats the 7th gen easily, and same goes for the 8th gen which also beats the 7th gen easily already.

Hate to say it, but Kid Icarus isnt a new IP. Its just an old IP Nintendo resurfaced from the 80's. I think Wii Fit, Wii Sports and Pikmin are like Nintendos newest IP's in a while.

Well Nintendo has come up with up to 10 new IPs for 3DS and coming up with up to 5 new IPs for Wii U:

I'll try to name some:


Spirit Camera the Cursed Memior

Dillon's Rolling Western (the sequel out to)

Sakura Samurai Art if the Sword

Pushmo (sequel already out)

Ketzal's Corridor


Steel Diver


Wii U:

Bayonetta 2 & up

Yarn Yoshi

Nintendo Land


There are a bunch more 1st Party IPs that are new in the 8th gen.

I think Dillon might be most influential 8th Gen character maybe.

I dont play 3DS so I dont know any of those, but the Wii U titles arent new IPs. Dillon might be...but I dont know how many people he reached.