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Okay, but is that RAM towards anything innovative (never played Killzone)... or is it just going towards super big but ultimately super pointless 20 million polygon set pieces, million polygon characters (apparently Naughty Dog is looking into doing this), and super realistic looking guns with state of the art rendering? Cuz' I'll take a 4KB RAM game (or whatever the SNES was) like Super Mario RPG over a 3GB RAM game that is just another by the numbers military shooter any day.


Edit:  Just read the OP again... yup, 3 GB in graphics.  So now our military shooters will look super realistic.

Good for you big boy.

Did my post offend you or something?

i'd guess that after the 20 or so years of playing mario games he probably doesn't find them as innovative as you do

Not my point.  3GB of graphics is great, but if it's just another run of the mill, by the numbers military shooter that people buy year after year then those graphics are just that... a pretty coat of paint.

lol how can something not be "run of the mill" after 20 years? how does that work lol?

furthermore if you don't like shooters... why are you in a thread which has a shooter as the topic?