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Tachikoma said:
fedfed said:
Tachikoma said:

Dear Nintendo fans, I dislike the WiiU, I don't like Mario games, i think all 3d metroids are crap and fully believe the PS4 and Nextbox will decimate the WiiU in sales, but, that said, i still own more WiiU games than almost all of you..


Really, you 'fans' sat there with Nintendoland and NSMBU harping on about how us sony and microsoft fans should get a clue and stop being 'haters', how this and that will happen and how the WiiU is perfectly fine, YOU are the problem, you are the reason 3rd parties avoid the Wii, you hypocritical people are so blinded by your own spin that you cant see that youre a major part of the problem, not the 'evil 3rd parties that screw you over', but wait, whats that? why should you buy shoddy ports of old games ? fair point, clearly if a developer spent the time and money to bring over a new title, maybe even give the WiiU the best version, hell even defend the console agressively like good guys, that sort of developer you'd splash the cash for, right?

So why exactly do global sales ofthe best featured, graphically impressive version of Need for speed most wanted, the best console version of the game, sit barely above 20k units globally? could it be that not buying 3rd party because of shoddy old ports is just a meandering smokescreen? could it be that in truth most of you couldnt really care less about 3rd party titles on the WiiU, but you like having 3rd party around to blame everything on when, quite rightly, publishers abd developers think 'screw it' and skip the WiiU? its all their fault because they wete haters if the wii, and they didnt put in any effort anyway, you bouht a nintendo console for nintendo games after all.


You're the reason the wiiu is in the position it's in, and if it should truly fail, you are the cause. there, i said it.

you don't like Nintendo and you don't like WiiU and yet you own a WiiU and lots of WiiU games? What's wrong with you?

Wii U is selling badly because Nintendo fans are not buying software? a fan can buy only a few WiiU consoles how many do you want us to buy?

Plus We do own more than just NintendoLand and NSMBU - these are what general people are buying most - public is not a fan and public yes make up lots of sales and they are buying consoles much more than fans.... so good softwares, more games more general interest games more hardware sales.

I cannot wait to see PS4 and next box sales.....

i aaid people that get those games and dont buy anything else are the problem, the problem isnt lack of wiiu console sales, sales of the console are on par with other consoles at launch, the problem is the rapidly deminishing 3rd party support is going to result in a limited lifespan, lower total sales and a lack of diversity in game choice, hence why i mentioned not liking specific games, that leaves me with what, Zelda? okay.

oh, and to illustrate a little problem with peoples assumptions, when you eventually buy zelda WW for WiiU, if you complete it, keep a close eye on the credits list for Mikara, i doubt i'll still be around to explain why im in the credits but hey.



I will keep on eye for you. You will not be aorund because you hate nintendo and you had problem with them and some mafia will get rid of you

Jokes aside. bye bye.


And BTW what do you mean if I complete it.... are you saying I am not a good player - just joking again....