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Mr Khan said:
hinch said:
Mr Khan said:
Sal.Paradise said:
I'm surprised they're not at least doing a roster update..

Yeah, that really shows the degree to which EA is trying to kill the Wii U. I mean, how little would it cost them just to chuck some new rosters into the existing Wii U Madden 13 (which itself was just a roster update of Madden 12, unlike the PS3 and 360 versions!) and push it out the door as a new product? They'd at least clock 200,000 units, almost pure profit


No, EA's leadership still has to be hopping mad.

200k? Not happening.

I'm not sure Madden 13 (Wii U) could even reach 100k, nevermind twice that amount. Especially in Novemeber when the game will be launching on next gen consoles, along side the PS3 and 360 versions.

Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) 30k retail.

Also to put things into perspective Mass Effect 3 (Wii U) 50k retail.

And you wonder why EA has dropped support or the console.

30k because it wasn't simul-launched, like the abysmal performance of the 3DS game.

Simultaneous launch on a console that's had a year to build install base, and you could at least get somewhere

hell, we can also go lower on profitability thresholds, if we're talking about a simple name change/rerelease.

Botch up launch or not, those number are terrible. The install base might not be there (yet), but I'm not convinced that many people will pick up the game for the Wii U. The Wii sold quite a few madden's because of the HUGE install base and had the backing of casual gamers. In any case, it'll be a big risk for publishers like EA to push out a title on the Wii U hoping to gain a healthy sum when they're also launching the game for the PS4/720.