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Yakuzaice said:
Conegamer said:
This thread is already making my head hurt. You can't write off the Wii U yet, because as we saw with the 3DS, Nintendo can allow it to bounce back. And it's not the same time as the N64 and GCN days now, everyone knows Mario and the such like. They sell by the bucketload regardless of what system they're on.

But this isn't what the thread was about. So all I'll say on that regard is it would just be better for EA to be honest with Nintendo really, but when the next-gen versions of Madden, FIFA etc. sell around 200-300k maximum, what will they say then?

Why exactly do you think the next gen Madden and FIFA will max out at 200-300k when the first Madden on the PS3 and 360 did over a million combined?

Even on the Vita it has done over 250k.  I'm not sure how much of that is from the bundle, but if it is less than 150k, then you are basically saying one version of next gen Madden might sell worse than the Vita version.  Fifa even did 620k on the Vita across the two releases last year.

I expect a similar announcement about FIFA sometime soon considering the Wii U is doing even worse in Europe.  When their games can't even hit 100k, and no other third party is seeing success on the platform, why would they continue supporting it?

Some people seem to think that just because WiiU doesn't sell well and because it can't sell 3rd party games that somehow that will be true for other next-gen consoles as well. Not going to happen. It's in the same vein as when people want a gaming market crash just because Nintendo is given the cold-shoulder by a few 3rd parties.