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Everything available to vote doesn't really interest me because I want to see some new IPs, so I voted third party exclusives since there's a good chance that a third party exclusive would be a new IP.

I already own a Vita, so I didn't vote the Vita price drop, but I guess I want to see that more than what I did vote for, because Sony really needs to drop the systems price so it starts selling. That way developers actually start supporting it. I like the Vita, but zero interest in games that are exclusive for the console for atleast half a year. I purchased another Vita just so I could keep my 2.02 Vita exploited to play PSP homebrew, emulation, and PSP games that I own physical copies because the system is getting almost no support. I'm already getting Dragon's Crown for the PS3, but might just get it for the Vita as well to actually have something new on the system.