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DevilRising said:



Yes, of course I've heard of "The Last of Us". And to answer your question, no, platformers weren't all the rage when Jak & Daxter came out. First person shooters were, and had been since the previous generation. And to take that even further, the "next big thing" at the time, was 3D Grand Theft Auto type games. And wouldn't you know it, they took Jak 1, which was actually fairly original and inspired, and turned Jak 2 and 3 into GTA clones, instead of sticking with the setting and vibe of the original. So if your point was.....well.....basically MY point, in that Naughty Dog follows trends, then sure, you're right.

But my OTHER point, was that at least they used to make games that were fairly unique. Crash, while obviously made for Sony to give them a "Mario and Sonic" type character, gameplay-wise still managed to be different enough from Mario and Sonic to stand out on it's own, and thus it was actually pretty cool. Same with Jak & Daxter 1. But hey, you know what....you're also correct at least partly, in that I'm just personally really tired of ALL of these games that overuse the "realism" + shooting stuff formula. It's beyond old. I never said Uncharted was a BAD game or series. I'm not a fan, but I wouldn't call it "bad". I'd just say it absolutely doesn't appeal to me, so I'd love to see ND make something new that actually DOES appeal to me.

Yes, my point was that ND try to make games in genres that appeal to people. Platformers were very popular on PS2 back when they made Jak and they were also very popular on PS1. FPS games were almost nowhere to be seen on Playstation consoles.

Would you not say that Uncharted was a fairly unique game? Sure, it didn't innovate a lot but at least it combined great established gameplay systems into a great game with great looking graphics.

I asked if you'd heard of The Last of Us exactly because that is something new and fresh for them. It's not just "shoot stuff", it's "survive".