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Too many but I can say the top 5 are

1. Pokemon X/Y
2. Bravely Default
3. Yoshi's Island
4. LoZ Link To The Past 2
5. Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Not interested in DKCR3D cause I already have/played DKCR on Wii - the other titles not so interested in them.

the game is going to do well especially in japan hence portable. i still think 3-4mil lifetime is not out of the question (DKCR)

That doesnt do anything to peak my interest but ok D;

lol i didnt mean it that way. im saying your not getting it as well as me. but i still think it'll do good. some people dont think it'll sell a mil or 2! i think japan market will eat this up

Oh of course, its Donkey Kong after all ;p

But the 3DS version has8 extra levels and new modes, including an easy mode for first time DK players, like I will be.

Plus "high voltage developers" said that the 3DS has way more better textures & shader abilities then the Wii. And we know that the 3DS has a 4-core 1 GHz CPU (ARM11) that can't be underclock any lower then 350 MHz a core which is better then 729 MHz 1-core CPU in the Wii, plus the 3DS has a 400 MHz GPU that does 40 million triangles at 100 MHz & 160 Million polygons at 400 MHz while the Wii only has a 243 MHz GPU with a minimum of 30 Million triangles. Plus the 3DS CPU & RAM & so fort has better architecture then the Wii.

I might get it some time down the line but its on the bottom of my list ;o. I was expecting a sequel though :(


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