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Slimebeast said:

I'm a little annoyed by Larian and Divinity Original sin. The game has already been in production for at least two years at a studio with dozens of employees, meaning the game's budget is at least $5 million, if not $10 million.

So what difference is $1 million (which is the high end of what their campaign can generate, they humbly started by asking for $400K) additional money really going to do? Not much. And this game was already independent of any publisher input right from the beginning. Their whole KS campaign is in essence just free marketing.

And this trend is happening with all PC exclusive games (except for the mammoths like Diablo, Total War and SimCity), to use KS simply as a marketing tool under the disguise that it lets "the community to be involved" and impacts the content.

The worst thing about this is that it probably competes for the Kickstarter Dollars that gamers are spending, which will hurt those independent studios who really need the crowd's funding, but I'm not totally against this trend because it allows one to look inside the studios a little bit and watch the development process from a different perspective, but I want to treat it for what it is.

They stated clearly right from the beginning that the game would be made with or without kickstarter funds - they went to kickstarter because they wanted additional funds to hire more artist / programmers etc to add more things into the game, there is no duplicity and even if it is benefiting for the additional exposure, I have no issue with their method or execution (which is extremely polished).


I would like to also put in a recommendation for Battle Worlds: Kronos:

This is a very polished looking turn-base strategy game aping the classic Battle Isle, the Dev has been working on this game for a while already and it looks polish enough to be ready for alpha as of writting. The Kickstarter fund is being used to hire outside contractors for stuff like the music, sound effect and voice acting so we've been given a solid turnaround time of Dec 2013 for the finish product.

Given what the dev has shown and the fact that they have delivered execellent finished product in the past before (The Book of Unwritten Tales ), I am fairly confident in calling this a 'super safe kickstarter bet' and definitely worthy of your attention if you enjoy classics like Battle Isle or Advance Wars.