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spurgeonryan said:
Are you saying it is just one step away from Communism?

It's hard to say and I think that is what concerns me.  A lot of the spokespersons for the democratic party are essentially socialists (although they have replaced that word with progressive the end goal still seems to be the same- greater government influence and security over the community. 

I thought it was rather disturbing when MSNBC Melissa H Perry did a recent promo announcing that your children are not yours.  Both sides of the argument seemed to enjoy spingging her promo into what she really meant but I was simply more concerned that at the root of her argument was that communities should play a greater role in the influence of our children because those children eventually need to contribute to the greater good of society.  To Melissa and many equaltarians community isn't defiend as your neighbor it is defined as your government so when we she says community her idea of what community is very different to what most think of as a community.

I guess what I am saying is that at it's heart equaltarianism may have good ideas but when corrupted it can lead to ideas such as communism in order to implement its goals of equality.