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fillet said:
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In chronological order:

Grim Fandango
Shadow of the Colossus
To the moon
Papa & Yo
The walking dead episode 3

Ahhh Syberia, I'd add that too.

Did you play Syberia 2, it directly carries on and completes the story of Syberia 1, quite a bit better though.

Yeah but it was over far too soon. I'm still waiting for Syberia 3. Once supposed to be a pc/ps3 title for 2010, currently in development to finally come out in 2014 or 2015.

I didn't know about this, that's great news although a bit too far way, still a Syberia 3 would be brilliant.

It's sad reading all these posts, it makes me think these people aren't older than 20 and haven't expeirenced proper emotional games.

It looks like people are mostly listing games they liked that had a brilliant action packed cinematic ending or parts that were superbly cinematic, that has nothing to do with emotions in terms of what the OP means I suspect.

Modern games do a lot less with character development, probably due to the shift from adventure games and story based rpgs to action based rpgs and shooters. Elizabeth in Bioshock infinite is a nice try, but somehow it doesn't work for me, not a believable character. While in Grim Fandango I really felt involved with the characters' lives (or rather their previous lives).

I also wanted to add Riven due to the connection you develop with the characters by reading all the diaries. The back story is pretty amazing of that world.  FF7 was very good too with the quests to explore the background of all the characters, something I really miss from games like Skyrim. Party based rpgs make for much better emotional involvement then a clean slate running errands. Dragon Age: Origins was a good attempt, but this limiting to 3 or 4 party members at a time must end. Let me manage a whole group at once again like in Baldur's gate.

I have my hopes up for Beyond, The last of us, Dreamfall chapters, Tides of Numerera, Wasteland 2, Moebius, Syberia 3, The last guardian.
Plenty to look forward to.