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yes, but to be fair their are only a few franchises i actually look forward to anyway. IMHO their hardware is pretty bland. There is nothing on a ninty console, usually, that could not be replicated on another system.

Honestly, they are much better than MS and Sony on that front.

No they really are not, especially after the last 2 and WIi U is heading that way. ITs going to be weaker than PS4 720 and not have anything to compensate except for that controller with a screen which could be replicated (and is) being replicated at least by Sony. Wii was much weaker than PS360 and they ended up getting their own motion devices anyway, which some would argue is better. GC was more powerful than PS2, but wasnt more than xbox and didnt have DVD playback or internet.

Unless you are talking about hardware realiabily then i concur, but that doesnt have much to do with software anyway.

Think about the meaning of bland for a sec man, we've had graphical jumps every generation, the trend is really very bland by now as even the Wii U is stronger than the 360 and PS3. Also with streaming services becoming prevalent, the need for Blu-ray is diminishing(and I have a PS3 for Blu-ray anyways hehe...) I'm talking about something new and interesting. Motion control was interesting, as broken as most games were with the idea(I'm a Wii owner and I say only 25% of the games actually got it right lol.) The DS was interesting because it had 2 screens and one was touch. The 3DS was interesting because they added motion control and is the first actual broad glassless consumer 3D device. The Wii U is interesting because it actually make the games more intuitive and they added all these features into their game pad(even NFC support O_O.)

PS4 added a touch pad in the middle of the new dual shock....... I was actually scratching my head when I first saw it since it was screaming..... "minimum effort.....!" I'll most likely get one eventually anyways. But yeah, comparing who's more bland, Nintendo is definitely not the winner, for sure.

Graphical jumps is bland? If thats how you feel then there really is not poing in talking to you. But ill try anyway, that doesnt make any sense, things progress. Thats how you get NEW games and NEW experiences, otherwise we still be playing 2d games. Wii U is barely stronger than consoles that have been out for 7 years. THats bland as hell. 25 percent, thats my point right there that is horrible I dont care how interesting it is, if it doesnt work, then it is  crap period and the whole motion thing for the WIi generally, as you just said doesnt work. That might be good enough for you "oh motion, awesome" and that sfine but its not good enough for me, especially when every other aspect of the system is years outdated. So no new GTAs, ACs, Elder Scrolls, etc. Hell we were pretty playing PS2 era games with mostly crappy controls, if you dont think thats bland more power to you. ANd they were not the first to the market with motion controls. WiiU is more intuitive? really? ive yet to play a game that is like that. Not saying they are not coming but im still waiting for one to take advantage and not just put a map on the screen.

I didnt bring up the portables becasue Ninty usually does well in that department, but to be fair nobody cares about 3d on 3ds and this is coming from a guy who defended it.

Yes i thought the PS3 mini screen was weird and its interesting you thought it screamed minimal effort thats how i felt about the last three Ninty consoles especailly when it came to thier online. No Sony has been the jack of all trades. ANd thats what i love about them, they are not going to put all their eggs in one basket, they will just give you a bunch of smaller baskets, now that is not the sexiest approach, but as a gamer. Its the best one. Did we really need a console that focused on motion and nothing else? No especially when it led to horrible shovelware and got less core support than even GC. Did Ninty really need to focus on this big ass controller? Not really? its not selling the system, at least motion controls did that for Wii. We have to wait for them to bring their big guns.

Graphical progression is expected so yeah, it's pretty bland :P New experience has been coming from Nintendo for years now, I'm not saying it's a good experience for everybody, but they are not as bland as the other 2 companies when you are talking about playing video games. Think about it for a sec and you'll realize that you've played your PS3 in pretty much the same way you played the PS2 out of the package, same with the xbox, and that most likely won't change with the next PS and Xbox.

My 3D is never off, and when I turn it off, the experience is shittier, I'm pretty sure I'm not along on that one :P.

Sony is a jack of all trades where they just kinda try to counter with their own versions of things that nobody uses in the end. The problem is that they are usually add-ons and not included, most PS3 users will never have a PSEye, a PS Move, and any of the other shit that comes later because it was not included in the initial package(I do have the Bluetooth headset and the little keyboard thing though lol). The honest truth is I haven't seen Sony being in anyway innovative since the PSX days. Not to mention the Wii shovelware was 3rd party taking the wrong bet and look how many studios went under since the start of the 7th gen? All we get now are mostly numbers games AKA sequels out the ass, the current video game industry is getting jacked up and it will fail if we just keep going the "more power is better!" route. My opinion is that it doesn't look good TBH, I'm most likely going to move slowly towards Indie and Handheld more as the supposed AAA titles are mostly not very interesting to me outside of the very few these days.

No verdict on Wii U yet, I just know the controller works well, but I Have no idea how it will perform after looking at the 3DS coming back from the dead. I just know cutting edge graphics is not even 50% of the equation or we'll all be fucked as gamers in the future.

you keep trying put your opinion as fact. i have thought of it. Graphical progression comes with hardware progression, which gives you more variety to play, which means it cant be bland as you are experiencing something new, you are putting way too much into the controller which again doestn even work properly. I dont WANT it to change because usually the change (as we have seen with Wiimote) is NOT for hte better, if you think it is, good for you. Alot of people dont.

My 3d is always off cause it kills battery life, i only use it on the road, and if im on the road there is no way i can keep it still to have the effect be good anyway, so its better if its just off.

Thats it though, it SHOULD be an addon. I love that, if you want to use it, its there if you dont, dont . Its not trying to force anything on you like Ninty did with Wii and at the very least there addon works better than the comp(Kinect notwithstanding) and at least they support their addons, alot more than i can say that Ninty did for Motion+ and that sold way more. SO what was Ninty's excuse. It is completly irrelevant how much people use what cause as we seen with this gen that doesnt always equal support. Which is the most important thing right? Dont care about "innovation" or who did it first. I only care about who does it better and if it works. 3rd party shovelware is companies taking advantage of people who like things like WiiFIt, thats all that was and the MADE money on it, especially the no name guys. IT was that cheap to make. They didnt bet on the wrong horse, they made games they knew woulld SELL on Wii.

THe 3ds was never dead, we just had to high expectations and it seems some still do. We thought the 3d was going to sell it, it didnt, we gotta to deal with that. Same with WII U the controller ISNT sellign the system, thats just the way it is. I know some wish it wasnt so.