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oniyide said:
dahuman said:
oniyide said:
yes, but to be fair their are only a few franchises i actually look forward to anyway. IMHO their hardware is pretty bland. There is nothing on a ninty console, usually, that could not be replicated on another system.

Honestly, they are much better than MS and Sony on that front.

No they really are not, especially after the last 2 and WIi U is heading that way. ITs going to be weaker than PS4 720 and not have anything to compensate except for that controller with a screen which could be replicated (and is) being replicated at least by Sony. Wii was much weaker than PS360 and they ended up getting their own motion devices anyway, which some would argue is better. GC was more powerful than PS2, but wasnt more than xbox and didnt have DVD playback or internet.

Unless you are talking about hardware realiabily then i concur, but that doesnt have much to do with software anyway.

Think about the meaning of bland for a sec man, we've had graphical jumps every generation, the trend is really very bland by now as even the Wii U is stronger than the 360 and PS3. Also with streaming services becoming prevalent, the need for Blu-ray is diminishing(and I have a PS3 for Blu-ray anyways hehe...) I'm talking about something new and interesting. Motion control was interesting, as broken as most games were with the idea(I'm a Wii owner and I say only 25% of the games actually got it right lol.) The DS was interesting because it had 2 screens and one was touch. The 3DS was interesting because they added motion control and is the first actual broad glassless consumer 3D device. The Wii U is interesting because it actually make the games more intuitive and they added all these features into their game pad(even NFC support O_O.)

PS4 added a touch pad in the middle of the new dual shock....... I was actually scratching my head when I first saw it since it was screaming..... "minimum effort.....!" I'll most likely get one eventually anyways. But yeah, comparing who's more bland, Nintendo is definitely not the winner, for sure.