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outlawauron said:
NYANKS said:
Mr Khan said:
I rather missed the thread from yesterday, but i disagree with the decision that came down. Of course, even well before i became a mod i questioned the concept of having an NSFW forum that did not, at least, have some leeway.

Sadly the "nothing featuring minors" thing is for realz, due to the UK's (really, most Commonwealth countries) idiotic laws about the portrayal of fictitious underage characters (which, sadly, America would have too if not for Free Speech Coalition v. Ashcroft).

But i digress. From animated works, little enough surpasses the work of Pixisoft/Black Lilith. The only reason i have erobeat on my RSS is to wait for one of their works to be stealthily translated.

I myself am actually waiting for a scanner in Japan to buy me a copy of Dashiraga 100's "Chijoku no Echidna," scan it, so i can do a better translation, as the english translation that currently exists is secondhand from Spanish, and also a poor quality scan to boot.

Wait, so all manner of loli is permitted in the U.S. as of now?  I remember hearing some stuff about this recently, I really have to get more informed on things lol

I was going to post a totally sfw picture of Kaga Rin as a joke, but I don't even want to start anything haha

It was never banned so to speak. A crime isn't possible which you're only involving fictional characters that can be given ages (to be younger or older) based off the author's imagination.

It seems some people have gone to jail over this, as lolicon is in a bit a of a gray area apparently.  I read that local obscenity laws can still get you in trouble, I don't know how legit that is though.   I'm hoping it's still fine,  banning fictitious pictures seems a bit much...