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coolguy said:
If the 720 is 500 dollars i think eople wont buy it for a few years.
And cost dont mean it will be powerfull.ms might be greedy.

I know its nice to think that MS would be gready but instead, I would think its smarter to believe that MS would know the right price for the features of its console in a very competitive market.  Its not like MS will be launching their nextbox with no competition and its not like MS does not know that Sony isn't the only competition they have in this market.  Lauching at 500 is pretty risky even if the Nextbox has a GPU closer to the 7970.  The sweet spot for a console prices has always been 299.

It just seems that with a 500 price tag, Kinect 2.0 will not justify something that expensive and the console must come with a host of hardware and software features to make people pony up that kind of money.