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BloodyRain said:
Osc89 said:
I like True Blood; even though the quality is inconsistent from season to season I have always found it fun. I never watched Vampire Diaries, but I have heard good things. I missed it when it started as it had a strong Twilight vibe. Being Human UK was great until the leads left, but after that I didn't feel like watching anymore. Never saw the remake.

Personally, I can't see any vampire show topping Buffy.

Ah buffy was a classic. Ya the recent season of true blood especially the ending gets me excited for the next season. Billith lol. You should give vampire diaries a try. I was in the same boat as you for awhile since it gave me that sparkly vampire vibe too, but its actually good and brutal. Agreed with being human uk and the us version is pretty good to, but really doesn't follow the plot of the uk version after awhile.

Yeah, I like the cliffhangers in True Blood. It stops them having to wind down at the end of a season. As for Vampire Diaries I will probably watch it over the summer, as a lot of shows generally stop then. I generally try and catch all the good horror related shows, they seem to be making a comback recently.

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