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Namco could do with hiring some better localisation services. At least if they're going to continue running Tales of as one of their franchises.

A year to localise Tales of Vesperia; a year and a half to localise Tales of Graces; two years to localise Tales of Xillia. They're getting worse as time goes on.

Plus the fact that Vita's userbase isn't enough to warrant it. I'd say there was an easy 100k physical + x% digital sales to be made from the USA alone (using P4G as a benchmark). If you can't get a profit out of that, then yeah, something is wrong.

And as Badgenome & Rol say: What the fuck was their excuse for not localising these titles when they were on the DS? Can't play the "small userbase" card for that.

Oh well. Suppose I should thank the stars we're getting Xillia.