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Scisca said:
Vita sales:

Japan - 1.40 mil
Europe - 1.40 mil
NA - 1.38 mil
Rest - 0.31 mil

Yeah, the sales in the West are clearly too pathetic to grant us a game...

But there is a difference
THere is a much higher chance that 1,40 Million Japanese buy a decent amount of Tales of compared to NA.
1,40 in Japan and 1,40 in NA are not the same for J-RPG Predictions...You need probably 3-4 Million available Customers in NA to get the same numbers as an available userbase of 1,40 Million Japanese(though i know most people buy a vita for such games and not CoD)

What i like is how honest they are
Baba also said a few months ago Japanese Developers have to go back to the roots and don't westernize everything cause people all over the world learned to love those games cause they are/were Japanese.
Nothing but the truth