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Resistance sold over 4m when it was a launch title and while I absolutely loved Resistance 3 (probably my favorite FPS ever) I have to say that the first 2 were probably like 7/10 for me.

Regardless of my personal preference it was a new IP from a studio not known for them since they had been doing 3d platformers for 2 gens while KZ is coming from Guerrilla and has sold over 2m with previous installments that all came out mid-late in the gen. Hopefully Sony's new marketing team will do KZ justice as well since it's kinda their big first party showcase and what better to sell a system than a shiny exclusive FPS? Infamous I wish would get released in January or February. I feel like it won't get the attention it deserves although if Sony advertises it just as much I suppose it could work at launch. I love the series (more than KZ) but it will have to be truly stunning on commercials and and quick demos to get people to buy it at launch when COD, AC, KZ, BF, Watch Dogs, and others are all coming. Hell launch will help it too just give me them both!

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