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Hard to tell as bundling skews things - Resistance and Motorstorm both racked up huge sales through bundling in the end.

I think both Killzone and InFamous will benefit greatly though, provided the PS4 launch is solid in general (Good price, marketing, suppply). I'd liken it more to Uncharted's launch on the Ps3, which had a lowish opening week but gained momentum week on week as the holidays drew closer - pretty much cause it was the outstanding piece of PS3 software at the time. I can see both racing past 2M before bundling if all goes well.

Unlike the Ps3 though the Ps4 looks like it's gonna have some big games from the off - BF4, AC4, Watch Dogs etc. That could easily hurt the exclusive sales... albeit it's a nice problem for Sony to have at launch - too many games! lol