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aikohualda said:
richardhutnik said:
aikohualda said:
games are science!!!!

Game design is an art, not a science.  Not set of rules will produce an entertaining game, because no set of rules can produce rules, which is what a game is.  And a game very much can be consider a product of a craft actually.  It is a toy meant to entertain.  Whether it is an art, would depend on the intention of the designer and communicating a message.  

a game design made possible by science

All technology used by art has some sort of science behind it today.  However, there is even art in the formation of science and the development of hypothesis.  There is just some things you can't use a recipe to generate.  Science is all about repeatable processes.  Art is not a repeatable process.  Well, that which differentiates art from science, is non-repeatable processes to make it a work of art.