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famousringo said:
I hear you Chrizum, although I don't agree with several of your points (only 1 and 3 are relevant to me). MH3U on Wii U is great in spite of itself. It's a sloppy port, poorly polished when compared to the 3DS version or Tri on Wii.

I'll add that its usage of the touchscreen is terrible. It doesn't even fill the whole screen, the map is hard to read, and it missed the opportunity to improve inventory management, which is a sore point in the Monster Hunter experience.

Agree on the second point. There really seems to be no reason for the touchscreen to be there, aside from a handier method of online typing for those who don't have USB keyboards.

The only change that really bugs me is the 30-character limit for texting online. The removal of subquests is a bonus in my eyes.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.