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Troll_Whisperer said:
Damn. Maybe even a bit TOO gory for me. I'll "suffer" through it though.

To me, this is nothing compared to the death in Tomb Raider when Lara goes down the rapids. That was just disturbing.

It's games like this and Beyond that make me glad I have a PS3, but also mean I most likely won't be picking up a PS4 for a little while after launch. I do worry that the whole.....echolocation listening whatever thing....will be emphasized too much. Hopefully it is more like Hitman Absolution's instinct mode or Arkam Asylum/City's detective mode in that it is mostly optional. If they make it almost necessary to tell if there is an infected in the next room where there isn't a closed door....ugh. I don't think ND would be that dumb....but I always keep a little skepticism handy just in case.

The game is going to rock though.