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Booyah said:
So if the UE4 is only going to be for the PS4/Nextbox, where are the companies going to make money early-gen, especially if the adoption rate of the new consoles is slow out the gate like the WiiU?

Are the budgets for games going to be less? Are games going to be shorter? Or are they just banking on gangbuster sales out the gate for the new consoles.

We will have to see how this plays out, but it seems a little like they are putting the cart before the horse.

I expect the first bigger multiplat UE games to be UE3 games. The few UE4 launch or launch window games will have a small budget.

Splinter Cell was one of the first UE games to come this (last) gen and it was an UE2 game. The first UE3 console game was Gears of War. It launched one year after the 360.
Then the first bigger UE3 games made by a third party (non-Epic games) came in 2007 (Stranglehold, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor Airborne).
At that time the HD consoles already had userbases of roughly 10m.