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daveJ said:
How is 50million a major sucess?
I'ld say at least 100million would qualify for that

wii U's doing worse than I originally though which was 20million lifetime
vita about the same 25million

wiiU 15 million
vita 25 million

100 million is fairly unrealistic for any console. The Wii is barely making that and other consoles like PS2 only exceeded that by entering other markets like Latin America late. Though I do agree that 50 million is somewhat low, it really depends on how much is put into a console and the amount of loss on a console early in the generation. The PS3 is only really earning Sony money recently since they took a large loss creating the system early in its life and the amount of effort it took for them to change that. 50 million is most likely the break even point considering the lack of sales they are currently having but the amount of development into the nintendo network. 

My current estimates are:

Wii U 40 million

Vita: 45 million

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