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Great opening for Luigi's Mansion! And the Vita is pretty healthy, too. It just shows consoles need games and an appropriate price point and they'll sell. What's the Vita lineup for april look like? Anyone know?

Literally nothing bar MURASUMA remake. Same for May, June, July...there's a couple small games but aside from FFX nothing until October time.

Funny you guys are dooming Vita because of "no games" when a major 3DS game just bombed.

Castlevania is a giant bomba that should ring alarm bells. I wonder how the dev team at Konami feel when they realize their game is outsold by "My Deco Rainbow Wedding", but it sure marks the end of Konami support to Nintendo.

Btw Vita has the Jump all-star game, Tokiden, God Eater 2 and 3 Hyperdimension Neptune games in sight (tough only 1 of the latter is scheduled before summer). Apart from Shin Megami Tensei IV and the Etrian Odyssey remake, what are the big 3DS releases? Please ask yourself that question before prothetizing that Vita will tank because of no games.

Anyway, OP2 beats Luigi across both platforms and the Vita one is actually eating up the PS3 version's marketshare! That is very good : the Japanese begin to favour the fact they can bring the game anywhere with them.

A little too bad for Meruru+, I thought it would score better than Totori+ because it has more bonuses. I imagine lot of JRPG fans were on the fence with Disgaea D2, so hopefully it has some legs. DoA5+ is not too hot, but still 3 or 4 times NGS2+.

Oh and btw again 60% software ms for Sony this week

I'm not dooming the Vita, more frustrated. I've never doomed the Vita (except maybe right after launch), but it's frustrating that the two biggest games for the Vita thus far arguably came out within 2 weeks, so there's nothing now to maintain the momentum. I hope sales are maintained, and it's doing better than I thought thankfully, but what is there now which can push systems? That's my concern.but fortunately now the system is doing well, which is what I want to see.

Please don't lump me in with the 'haters'. It's quite frustrating. I'm not lumping the 3DS in because that's suffering a similar issue over the next few months, but at least it's shown it's stable. Neither scenario is great, though. And those Vita games? None will push systems. Maybe a small boost for a week but that's it. Hopefully FFX will steer the ship right, though.


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