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adriane23 said:
UnitSmiley said:
I watch reviews just for the hell of it. I don't base my purchases on them though, I can see gameplay and immediately tell if I'll enjoy the game or not.

What is annoying though, is I have a friend who if you mention a game he's never heard of before, the first thing he does is look it up on Metacritic and if it doesn't get a good score he goes "Lol that game sucks".

Sadly, a lot of people do that. On the flip side whenever a game gets a high Meta Score, the people at my GameStop always try to get me to buy it, and are then shocked if I say I don't like the series/genre. The sheep mentality is rampant in there.

Yup I completely agree. It's really frustrating to be on the receiving end of that particular thought process. Luckily my Gamestop isn't too pushy.