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kowenicki said:
sethnintendo said:
kowenicki said:
Stupid idea. And saying rich people just get away with all crimes as they can afford a lawyer is a very naive and silly statement. I do hate envy and jealousy, its so weak.

As for traffic offences, introduce a point system as in the UK. The fine is then secondary.

In the UK you are given 3 points for speeding, points expire after 3 years. Accumulate more than 12 points and you lose your license. Now that's a deterrent.

I obviously didn't mean they get away with all crimes. They do get away with more than some one who can't afford a good defense. Also, I'm not jealous. Try not to talk down on me because in reality you would be looking up to talk to me.

Lol, get you, big man...

Now why don't you deal with my actual point.  Aren't we talking about the best deterrent here... not a revenue generator.  The point system works.

A point system probably is the most effective. I wasn't aware Texas had one since I've only had two speeding tickets in the past 12 years but apparently Texas lays down heavy fines for going over the total. Perhaps those fines should be income based because they could cause a poor person to become broke.