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spurgeonryan said:

For some reason dancing is like their crack. If yo can dance, you will get a hottie! The want to watch dancing on Tv, Save the last Dance, Dirty Dancing, and any other form of dance movie. Eventually they may even request dance lessons or to go dancing...often!

You watch too much TV/Movies, but generally, men that dance are physically fit, thats the appeal.

They act like periods are the end of the world. Drama queens! Grow up and deal with it.

Being on a period messes with the bodys hormone balance and mood, but conversely, men act like a FLU is a terminal illness.

Make a decision! If you ask me what you want to eat, don't whine and complain when I choose. Clothes shopping.....or any shopping for that matter. Once they pick something out, do not look at it for another 15 minutes!

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be sure what you're buying is what you actually want, rather than bitch about it how about actually assisting with the selection and providing worthwhile input?

What do you know about them? Without a doubt! Do you have down to an exact science?

I am one, and so i know more than the majority of guys you're asking.

blkfish92 said:
I know none have best friends like guys do, it seems as if all women hate each other and are in competition with each other.

Women get along just as much as men do, we're just less of a coward when it comes to calling each other out.

avais1993 said:
1)If you ask a women how many guys she's dated, take her reply and multiply it by 3 to get your answer

Surely you see the irony in asking how many GUYS she has dated? and somehow seeing that as a downside, you act like all guys walk around innocent and pure and all girls walk around having slept with 20+ guys, well heres some basic logic for you, stadard sex requires a man and a woman, let that one stew a little.

2)If they're quiet and tell you nothings wrong, you are in the wrong

If we're quite and say nothings wrong, flipping out and making a big deal of it makes something wrong, you.

3)You cannot hit a women, unless she looks like a man

You shouldn't be hitting anyone, male or female.

4)Women who are skinny will ask if they look fat to judge your reaction of what will definitely happen once you "put a ring on it"

So women that marry instantly start over eating and gaining weight?, Riiiiiiiight.

5)Women hate each other, even if their best friends

So do men, look around on this forum, it's awash with guys weilding their epenises trying to beat each other into submission.

6)They want what they can't have.

And men don't want a supercar, a 100" tv and all sorts of other unfeasably expensive shit?

7)The older a single women gets, the lower her standards will drop

Hate to break it to you but the same is true for men, only more-so because it's harder for men to get partners.

8)Most women are highly manipulative into getting what they want, even if they aren't aware their doing it.

Because the countless guys that use "i love you" to get a woman in bed aren't manipulating, are they?

I should write a book :L

I can see the title already "how i got to 40 years old without losing my virginity"

Dodece said:
The only thing I know about women that is a fact. Is that I should treat them with the utmost respect. Of coarse we should do our best to treat everyone with respect. Even people who really don't deserve it, because we could have ended up being them if a few things in our lives hadn't worked out in our favor. That said people aren't their genes, or their genitalia. They can act, or be however they want to be. Seriously stereotypes is just another way of saying poor excuses.

This guy knows his shit.