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avais1993 said:
bananaking21 said:
avais1993 said:
1)If you ask a women how many guys she's dated, take her reply and multiply it by 3 to get your answer

2)If they're quiet and tell you nothings wrong, you are in the wrong

3)You cannot hit a women, unless she looks like a man

4)Women who are skinny will ask if they look fat to judge your reaction of what will definitely happen once you "put a ring on it"

5)Women hate each other, even if their best friends

6)They want what they can't have.

7)The older a single women gets, the lower her standards will drop

8)Most women are highly manipulative into getting what they want, even if they aren't aware their doing it.

I should write a book :L

yes, and it should be called "8 things to do to make you strike out with women"

except the 8 "things to do" dont actually tell them to do anything :L

you got the point, im tired and its late so i couldnt come up with something better