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March is going to be one hell of a month software wise. Thought it would be interesting to predict what game will top the month of March in the USA according to NPD. 

Serious contenders are

Tomb Raider
Bioshock Infinite
God of War: Ascension
Gears of War: Judgement
StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm

I think Starcraft and SimCity are out. SimCity could have had a chance if it didn't have such terrible word of mouth. Starcraft should be big. Starcraft II sold 721k retail copies in only 4 days of tracking when it came out but considering that this is an expansion I think it will only do half of that retail. Including digital SimCity and StarCraft will likely be bigger than the rest of the competition, but this is predicting npd.

Tomb Raider has the advantage in that it will be big on both ps3 and 360. And considering sales seem to be way above expectations and that it has a full month of sales it should do very well.

Gears of War 3 managed 2mil+ its first month so it would seem logical that Judgement will easily be the best selling game but it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere near as much hype as a typical gears game.

God of War 3 managed 1.1mil first month so Ascention should sell very well but like judgement being a prequel will likely hurt sales. It should get closer to God of War 3 than Judgement will get to Gears of War 3 though.

Bioshock 2 managed 562k on just the 360 but the ps3 version didn't even chart. Bioshock Infinite is getting a lot of hype though and an analyst has even predicted it will be able to sell 5mil worldwide. It is only going to get 4 or so days of sales in March though, so even if it is the best selling game lifetime it might not win March.

Personally I think the top 10 will look like this so my vote goes to Bioshock Infinite.

1.Bioshock Infinite (1mil)
2.Tomb Raider
3.Gears of War
4.God of War
7.The Walking Dead
8.MLB the Show