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ebw said:

I've been a pretty big MH fanboy since getting the Tri Controller bundle close to launch. Since then, I've bought two PSPs, MHF, MHF2, 2x MHFU, MH Airou Village (Japanese), 2x MHP3rd (Japanese), and another Tri bundle. Most of these were on the cheap (except Airou and the first PSP), so I drew the line at importing a region-locked 3DS just to play MH3G.  I did happen to be in Japan shortly after launch, though, and played the demo a few times in Bic Camera.

I've played the 3DS demo a few more times and still have trouble getting used to camera control (is there a suitable "claw" replacement?). Probably the Wii U version will be best for me, I'm so glad they announced off-TV support.

Well, i have been using the L button to lock on and it sometimes it feels better than even the right stick on the console version. 

But the d-pad on the screen also feels right.