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UncleScrooge said:
Conegamer said:
UncleScrooge said:

I'm just leaning further and further towards buying the game. I'm not 100% there yet but it's getting close ( and no, that's totally not what she said). I'm even starting to get hyped lol. When was the last time I was actually hyped for a game? I can't remember... oh right, New Super Mario Bros. Wii - which was like 3 years ago  

Have you tried the demo? Could give you a feel for it I guess. I've played it quite a bit!

Like a dozen times already. And it's more fun with each new... tri (god that was lame). 

OT: Well, it looks like this thread is back alive. Well placed bump there, Conegamer

I must say, I was mighty impressed by the Hunting Horn. Don't know about anyone else though!

Also, the thread was done at about 3AM which obviously hurt it somewhat, and the only reason I posted was because I wanted to comment in another thread but this would fall off the buddy, so...


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.