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only in JP.

it's not that simple in America. my friends husband isn't a PS fan so they don't have one, and he talks about kinect, and move like he knows everything about them both and he obviously doesn't.

she told me most of everything her husband said about move and kinect, and i had to tell her he hasn't a clue about either.

i told her things about kinect that she'll never even get to use lol. see in America, you can hate 360 as much as i do and still end up playing games on it.

everyone here knows i hate Halo, and COD but still end up playing them at some pont. i'm a big GEAR's head so i'm obviously going to play it, beat it, and move on.

it's funny cause when i'm on XBL playing GEAR's the first thing i say is "Playstation has come to GoW, or Killzone meets GoW."

or i'll even go as far's to say "the ISA has come to help the COG's defeat the locust hoard/Helghast has come to help the locust defeat the ISA". in my best impression of the helghast voice lol.

long story short, you are right.