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ryuzaki57 said:

I'm not... because I have already cleared it in Japanese and reviewed it. Best game so far in 2013!

Excellent review by the way, always good to see a real one. Trying to read the IGN or gamespot (or any major western reviewing organisation) reviews of these games is just painful. I think it was Atelier Rorona that IGN or gamespot gave like a 4/10. To this day its still in my top 10 games ever...

Great effort!, I for one appreciate it greatly <3 ,

may the bigger sites one day follow your lead and actually try and understand these games rather than just bashing them!


Favourite Games of 2013 1.Tomb Raider(PS3) 2.Atelier Ayesha(PS3) 3.Virtues Last Reward (Vita)