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MichiGen said:
Rafux said:
MichiGen said:

These numbers might change. DmC had a very good 1st week here, then VGChartz decreased them,

These numbers are only an assumption, not the actual sales. And DmC is awesome by the way, playing it +60fps on my PC and can't wait for the Vergil's Downfall. I hope both of these games will sell good and they'll get a sequels.

You mean selling worst that DMC4's first week 5 years ago? Yea amazing week specially since Capcom lower their forecast from 2M to 1.2M.

Kojima already said worldwide sales are good and its talking about a sequel already. DmC is dead.

LOL, are you really comparing sales of DMC 4 which was one of the launch titles for new gen consoles with zero competition whatsoever with sales of a game 5 years later on dying platforms, when almost everything except FIFA or CoD sells like shit? Moreover 5 years ago was very different economic situation in the world...

Launch title? Launch would be 2007 for PS3 (released in 2006) and Xbox360 (released in 2005). If everything is selling like shit on dying platforms then why is MGR selling well? Brand power you say!? Then why DmC sold horrible despite having a solid franchise behind, it would be a miracle if Dmc sells half of what DMC4 did but if it does I'll call it a succes (but it wont).