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Rafux said:
ethomaz said:
Wright said:
And Metal Gear: Ghost Babel is a shame too?

Oh God... You just list game nobody knows... you understand now nobody will remember about Rising because it's a shame for Metal Gear series... It's like Ghost Bable, Acid, etc... not added nothing to the franchise.

PD. Googling now Ghost Babel

MGR its a spin-off, its not even canon. Its like Snake said to Raiden at the end of MGS2 (best MGS ever BTW) "you have to find your own name and make your own story" and it kind of happen with this non-canon (or paralel universe) spin-off.

Platinum didn't release a game called "MgS" with dumbed down mechanics, no challenge, a plot stolen from "They live" and set to replace the franchise we love.

It is canon.