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Sorry but that difference isnt that huge...not brag worthy xD.

Devil May cry aint the same without this guy (even if he did make the disaster that is DMC2)


Only reason(s) why MGR sold better than DMC was

1. DmC was developed by Ninja Theory (l0l) (the design goes well with this reason)
2. Metal Gear is a bigger series than Devil May Cry.

DmC is my 2nd favourite DMC game, I was really wrong about it, game is great.

Cant judge the game (talking about myself) cause I only saw 1 hr and 29 min of footage on YouTube of all the cutscenes in the game lol. The storyline was ok but there were so many points that would put it below DMC3, I'm planning to get the game but on PC though. Anyways since I CAN judge the storyline since yes I watched...the whole 1 hr and 29 min lol, I'm gonna rate the whole DMC series by storyline like this....

DMC3 > DMC1 > DMC4 > DmC > DMC2

As for gameplay I go by

DMC3 > DMC4 > DMC1 > DMC2

Cant wait to play DmC :)

Playing Hack ans Slash games for storyline... hahahaha good one mate.

You do realize those games have storyline right? I mean I am playing a character known as Dante who has a brother named Vergil and was the son of a demon and a human/angel depending on which game you played who has to defeat a evil demon king/emperor, a politician who wants to rule the world, a psychotic guy who wants to become god, a religious fanatic who wants to rule the world and not polygon man right?

Not sure why you are making fun of me unless you are one of those people who skip all the cutscenes which all I can do is l0l.

Anyways since you dont look at cutscenes since I assume from your post, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trK_b0cM_uU


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