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Won't happen

The good developers at SquareEnix are Sony Fanboys and don't want their games as a Multiplat.
Wada wants the west or rather the FPS Community interested in the games of SE cause they are bigger and he only has Tory as a choice then.
Wada doesn't understand ZERO(the interest of FPS People) is less than what they have on PS3/4/Sony...He still thinks he gets 25 Million sold units when he is destroying the whole reputation Sony(and before Nintendo) did build up for Square(soft)

Everyone else is doomed to make trailers,tech demos and handheldgames.
As long as Nomura isn't getting lead of SquareEnix nothing won't change - Say bye to a High Quality Final Fantasy and everything else as long it isn't Sony Exclusive cause the good developers won't work on other platforms.