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A203D said:
Galvanizer said:

No problem. Here's the quote and source:

1UP: Do you anticipate working with the Final Fantasy series again? Is that something you'd like to do or something you think you'll do?

HI: I'm a working stiff, so if the president tells me to do it, I'll do it. [laughs] Talk to Mr. Wada.


Is this the only thing we have?

Because hes not denying hes working on FF15, and theres no way he would amit to working on an FF title in an interview. Sqaure Enix are very tight lipped until they offically announce their games. He might not have been allowed to say anything during that interview.

Honestly I don't think its just about Hiroyuki Ito. Hes made it clear he dosent involve himself with the story. I agree their needs to be more emphasis on non-linear environmental desgin.

Even that section of FF13 Gran Pulse was beyond boring because there was it was monotonus, repititive and uncessary to the story.

Ito can only do so much, it really needs to be Hiroshi Minagawa and the FF Tactics team who do the story because even if Ito did FF15, the story would be awful if Toriyama and Kitase were involved. Even Nomura's inovolment would damage the game because of the convoluted mess that Kingdom Hearts has turned into.

In the same interview, Ito aso said that he would like to evolve the ATB system beyond what he did with FFXII but current gen harware (PS3/360) is not powerful enough to do what he wants to do. I guess that may be a hint that he will return to the FF series with PS4/720.

Also, Ito is a good writer. He co-wrote FFIX with Hironobu Sakaguchi. However, I do agree that it would be good to have Hiroshi Minagawa and the Tactics Ogre PSP team to hep him with the writing.