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Pokeslob said:

I read the petition and I must say, being open world is definitely NOT the problem, in fact none of the final fantasy titles (excluding XI and XIV) have been truly "sandbox" they've always had natural barriers that limited where you could go until you progressed in the story.

no the problem with Final Fantasy as it is right now is that, one, they won't release the games the fans want (that they've already announced in years past.....) instead they release XIII spin-offs that no one cares about. two, the story in XIII and its successors is WAY TO INTO ITSELF, honestly they're relatively weak plots with way too much drama. three, lighting is an extremely stale character and they keep focusing their efforts on her.

no the problem with Square is that they announced two amazing looking titles, Final Fantasy versus XIII and Final Fantasy X HD, then they don't talk about them for years and release a bunch of games that nobody wants, honestly Lightning Returns is close to being the last straw for me, and I'm a very dedicated fan....

and then honestly one of the biggest problems over-all, is the fact that Hironobu Sakaguchi left the company, HE is the reason Final Fantasy is what it is, and Square is suffering HEAVILY from there loss. and Sakaguchi is a great example, Lost Odyssey was a jaw-dropping game, perfect in so many ways, and it was far from "open-world."

Square-Enix has a lot of potential, if they release versus, X HD, move on to XV after fucking 7 years, stop giving us shit we don't need (XIII-2, Lighting Returns, FFATB, Theatrythm, etc.)

honestly if you want to make a petition, petition that Sakaguchi goes back to square to fix things badgenome said: Where is the petition for Square-Enix to sell the Final Fantasy IP to Mistwalker?

thsi made me giggle, and I'd almost like that, although knowing them they'd only release new FF's on single platforms, and the good thing about FF that many of us overlook, is the fact that we do have multiplatform games... plus if FF XV was an xbox exclusive I'd probably actually kill myself -.-

This is exactly right. Motomu Toriyama is an abysimal script writer. The story is pure garbage. "Its our Focus Serah said so" is the central impetus for the game. The characters are typical sterotypes. The girl with the high pitched voice, the woman whoes too emotionally scared to use her original name anymore.