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Galvanizer said:
MentalAlliance said:

I'm not sure this petition matters. Ito is pretty much guaranteed to be the director of XV already and the game has already been in the works for around 4 or 5 years and has already been rumoured to be open world. If they announce all that to be true, don't think this petition did anything.

And sorry to sound bitter because I love Final Fantasy and have been hoping for a long time now that Ito would be the director of XV so I'm glad to see many others hoping Ito be the XV director as well, but it's just too obvious that he already is, so I don't exactly see the point.

The rumour that Ito was secretly directing FFXV was confirmed to be fake. Also, Ito confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2012 that he no longer works on FF games and that we should ask Wada if we want him to retun to the series.


Well, I know there was a rumour that was confirmed fake at some point, but then corrected and I haven't heard yet if the corrected one was fake, but even if it is, I still believe Ito is working on FFXV. What he said at TGS doesn't say anything about whether he is or isn't directing XV. He's directing XV. I honestly have little to no doubt that he is.