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The Wii U allows for the following controllers :

1) Wii U beautiful touch screen game pad
2) Wii U pro controller
3) Wii-remote and nunchuck
4) Wii controller pro
5) Miscallenous off brand Wii U controllers
6) 3DS as a controller of the Wii U
7) Ubisoft Camera as controller in Ubisoft dance, sports and exercise games.


The Wii U also offers :1) 1080 P native, 720 and 480 P resolution.

The Wii U supports the following :

1) Unreal engine 4
2) Unity engine 4
3) CryEngine 3
4) Shigeru miyamoto Zelda on the Wii U outside graphics
5) Retro Studios’ new graphics engine

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