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tbone51 said:
Ail said:
So non withstanding Patcher comments, there are actually people on this site that think that WiiU can recover and reach something like 50 million units sold lifetime ?

look at PS3, Good system Did terrible in its first 3 months while Wii was killing it! Did it look like PS3 could recover? For most people no, but like i say, you cant judge intill its at full capacity! Anybody with a brain can see Nintendo is doing bad cuz of no software and PS3+X360 have much cheaper price tag/bundles and over a 7 year game library! Michael Pachter is retarded and is only used for comedy and to piss off Nintendo gamers!

Yeah well the problem is the 7 year game library isn't going to go anywhere... It's just going to become an 8th year game library soon..( with GTA5 as the cherry on top of the cake..).

As long as customers compare the WiiU software to the 360/PS3 it can not win.  Even if Nintendo starts releasing software it will be a drop in the ocean.. The price of the PS3/360 catalog will always be a tonn cheaper than the WiiU software ( that's why Publishers wants a new gen, PS3 and 360 titles are getting discounted so much, new titles can not compete and the only way they can compete is if they are not compared to those titles in the customers's mind and the problem is by having publishers port 360/pPS3 games to the WiiU Nintendo made the comparison between those relevant to customers..)


I'm sorry but you don't convince customers you are new gen by offering ports of old gen titles for sale...

How many PS2 ports did Sony heavilly market at the release of the PS3 ? None, Meanwhile Nintendo was demoing PS3/360 games at E3 on the WiiU..( and it wasn't even porting footage it was footage of the original games, LOL).

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !