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why wouldnt future sales count of the ps3/360/wii? their in a war with each other and not the next gen(720ps4wiiu),theres no shot clock thats winding down. what if nintendo releases a super wiiu tomorrow,does that mean the original wiiu wins next gen over ps4/720 because they had more sales after a new console is launched? that thinking is mentally challenging... ps2 had 10's of millions sold after the ps3 launched,so does that mean all those ps2 sales dont count on the overall total? a generation ONLY truely ends when manufacturing stops for good,and not when a new console ends.. even a 3 year old could see this simple logic. who ever thinks a generation ends and sales no longer count after a new console is realeased has a lot of fanboy dribble logic.. 360 ppl uses this dribble because they see the inevitable last place finish just around the corner