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jamesmarkus87 said:

The more Microsoft says these things, the more I'm convinced that they're scared. And you know what? As a long time Xbox fan, I'm getting pretty damn scared as well. It sounds like Sony could be making a huge comeback next generation, one that I might want to contribute to. But the more rumours I hear about the neXtBox, the less excited I am for it. Here's what I've heard so far about the neXtBox:

1) It won't play used games. In other words, I'm going to need to buy two copies of my favourite games just in case my neXtBox breaks down and I need a replacement console.

2) Kinect is literally going to be shoved down my throat (ie. mandatory). Doesn't Microsoft realize that the only reason why Kinect is so successful is because most retailers don't sell the 360 without it? I bet that most of those bundled Kinect sensors end up on a shelf or in the garbage.

Congratulations, Microsoft. You're pissing me off so much that I'm actually defending Sony.

even if MS has the same stuff as Sony at the same price all you need to do is look at this gen to see that's still bad for them.  They were spotted a year and $200 for this gen and still couldn't secure 2nd.  Sony had the worst marketing and no system sellers until 08 (good games but all new or not big enough).  They handed Xbox the spotlight until 09 really and MS brought their biggest franchises (Forza, HALO, and Gears).  MS became the COD console almost solely because of an early lead and by virtue of friend's lists they sold more because of it.

They won't have any of that this gen except maybe they'll undercut Sony in price, but it will probably be by $100 at the most this time and if I were Sony I would market the crap out of free online and bring that up if anyone questions the price being higher or even equal.

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