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dolemit3 said:
Lynn said:



360 839k
PS3 140k

 But you didn't include the blu ray sales

Those numbers are for top 10 only, here are the total software sales for the month:

"$159 million was spent on Xbox 360 games alone in January compared to $131 million on Wii and $80 million for PS3. (U.S. NPD, January)" 

So it seems the blu-ray dudes actually play games too. With only 1/3 of the 360's user base PS3 users bought 50% of 360's software. Much better attach ratio IMO

 Link : http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/news/microsoft-responds-to-npd-talks-shortages/?biz=1


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Optimistic predictions for 2008 (Feb 5 2008): Wii = 20M, PS3 = 14M, X360 = 9.5M