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celticlonewolf said:

1) Will we be able to chat with people on the 360 if we have the next xbox.
2) Will we be able to play online with people that have the same game even though its on the 360 e.g call of duty.
3) Will all our donlaods like movies games music we bought carry over to the next xbox.
4) MS in the past have updated our dashboard every year. Will there be 2 versions of the update one for the 360 and one for the next xbox or will they just focus on the next xbox.
What do you guys think

1) Yes.
2) Yes, though some features and games may not be available to people on older platforms.
3) Yes.  Movies and music are universal.  XBLA, On-Demand, and XNA-based Indie Games will likely require a minor (small) software patch downloaded prior to playing.
4.  Yes, but eventually Microsoft will deprecate support for the Xbox 360, moving solely to supporting the next Xbox.

I imagine Microsoft will feature lots of info regarding the next Xbox on XBLA.  I'd be surprised if Sony doesn't as well for the next PlayStation console.